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Parfum Original Armand Basi Femme for Women

Armand Basi Femme
Eau de Toilette 50 ml


Main Accords

The original perfume from the series of ‘peaceful, non-assertive’ fragrances, which can only be felt near skin, is appropriate for daily use. The fragrance is fruity-floral with woody notes. The top notes are coriander, fruit (esp. plum) and grassy notes; the heart is composed of black currant, rose, violet leaves, jasmine, pink pepper and peony. The base includes rosewood, oakmoss, conifer, white musk, amber and vanilla. The perfume was created in 2000.


Market Price : Rp 400.000
PlatinumPrice : Rp 205.000

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Armand Basi Femme for Women
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