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Kompas Geologi Brunton 5010 Second Bandung
Kompas Geologi Brunton 5010 Second Bandung
Kompas Geologi Brunton 5010 Second Bandung
Kompas Geologi Brunton 5010 Second Bandung
Kompas Geologi Brunton 5010 Second Bandung
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Kompas Brunton 5010 Second

The GEO Pocket Transit Compass (0-360° Scale) from Brunton is a specially engineered analog navigation device built to deliver fast and accurate readings. This configuration of the Transit series uses a single rare-earth magnet to resist demagnetization and provides fast readings due to its relative magnetic strength. A hinged clinometer allows simultaneous trend and plunge measurements that are accurate to +/-2°. The compass housing is machined from a single billet of 6061-T6 aluminum and is o-ring sealed to provide waterproof performance. Brunton Outdoor Group has been designing and manufacturing compasses since their establishment in 1894; whether you are a bird watcher, hunter, or hiker, Brunton has been making gear for nature enthusiasts like you for over a century.

Function and Handling
Sapphire jewel bearing
0-360° scale
5% grade scale increments
+/-90° vertical angle measurement
+/-180° east/west magnetic declination adjustment
+/- 0.5° accuracy with 1° graduation marks (vert and azimuth)
Hinged clinometer with 1° increments, 0.5° accuracy
Precision aligned mirror with see-through window
Induction dampened, low center of gravity needle
Buck Horn-style azimuth and vertical angle sights
Horizontal and vertical axis bubble levels
Ball and socket tripod mountable

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