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Zero Audio BX-700 Doppio garansi panjang!
Zero Audio BX-700 Doppio garansi panjang!
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Posted on : 28-10-2015 20:02
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Last Sundul : 09 November 2015, 02:06:09 PM
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Hello bro, mau jual kepunyaan gua sendiri nih. Beli bulan mei 2015, baru pake 6 bulan aja, garansi headfoniastore.

Kondisi masih mulus abis, kabelpun aman!

So how about the sound? With Doppios, Zero Audio nailed it again!!! Here, because of a more neutral bass quantity and even higher level of details thanks to a better separation of fine tuned Balanced Armature drivers, the sound signature is definitely on a level of reference analytical monitors you can expect from big cans. The bass is very detailed, has a great punch and extends down to sub-bass, but it doesn't have enough quantity to balance it out with mids/treble to warm up the sound. Here you are dealing with surgical accuracy to study every detail of the sound. Mids have an accurate representation, upfront, and have a high level of clarity. Treble is crisp and extended, and still under control without even a hint of sibilance. It's interesting how typically we expect analytical reference headphones to be too bright and not comfortable for extended listening period. Here Zero Audio guys found a perfect balance of revealing performance without being overly bright. The soundstage is also wide and deep, but a little more private and closer in comparison to Tenores.

Doppios also have an amazing reference headphone quality that could cost 2x as much from other brands.

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Review dari gua:
Vokal sweet, clear, soundstage besar, separasi unggul banget, bass clear dan punchy! So far, ini IEM paling netral yg pernah gua denger. Kualitasnya juga bisa ngelawan yg harganya 2x lipat. Pernah coba shure 425, masih menang Doppio clarity, soundstage dan vokalnya! Gua coba yg harga IEM harga 3 jutaan pun masih menang Doppio ini emoticon-Angkat Beer

Gua lepas Rp. 1900.000 nego tipis emoticon-Angkat Beer

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