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Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
Sony Ericsson K800i - K810i - W960 - W350i - W660i - G900 - W705
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Cybershot Series K800i Rp.850rb

Mulus 96-97% Full Original barang bekas koleksian Kolektor smua fungsi normal,Joystick empuk,sensor kamera jalan normal.

n bonus spekaer portable Mps41 new ori

Trusted Review:
Sony Ericsson has added in some non pixel-count features which augment the K800i’s potential as a cameraphone.

None of what follows is intended to suggest that you can use the K800i as a replacement for a dedicated digital camera for serious photography, but I do think that this handset does wonders for the idea of a mobile phone as a ‘snap and share’ and ‘snap and keep’ and even ‘snap and print’ device.

In hardware terms the K800i isn’t much to look at. Small (105 x 47 x 22 mm), light (115g) and unprepossessing in terms of design with shades of slate grey and silver and white highlights, it doesn’t give the appearance of being a top end handset.

The front facing controls are dominated by a small joystick which is one of the better ones I’ve used. It is responsive and has plenty of travel. You can programme its four directions for specific functions.

There are two absolutely tiny buttons to the far left and right of the joystick that need to be approached with a fingernail if you are to hit them accurately.

One launches the web browser, the other is the Activity Menu key which contains four tabbed sections: these are more shortcuts to applications, web bookmarks, notifications about missed calls and new messages, and, helpfully the chance to close any running applications that might be slowing the handset down.

The front facing camera for video calling is absolutely tiny and located in the speaker grille where it is not obviously visible. But when making test 3G calls the camera delivered fine quality images to the K800i and the receiving handset.

You get the software for the primary, rear mounted camera started by sliding a substantial cover off its lens or pressing a dedicated button on the bottom right edge of the casing that is then also used to take snaps



Cybershot Series K810i Rp.850rb

one of The Best Kamera Phone Ever - kamera menyaingi kamera digital dijamannya,best Cybershot Product nih walau masih 3,2Mega -

-Full Original Mulus 97-98%
-Smua Fungsi Normal smua, kelemahan tipe ini hampir slalu tombol kamera kadang bisa kadang ngga bs (bugs umumnya,sdh d tyakan k Pihak Soner memang spt itu) -

bat new ori,
Handsfree ori
,Bonus speaker portabel MPS41 new ori


Walkman Series W960 8 Giga Rp.1jt

Kondisi: mulus 98% bagian tutup batre duang 95% - full normal smua,layar sentuh peka,belum pernah servis,bonus speaker Portable ori New.

Sarung new
Bonus Speaker portable Ori new

Trusted Review:

The W960i is, on the face of it, the mobile every smartphone fan should want. Stylish to look at, full of data rich capability with a Walkman button, camera and strong on-paper specifications, it packs in the features.

There is 8GB of internal memory (no expansion slots) and the phone is tri-band GSM with 3G. It is a bit large at 109mm tall, 55mm wide and 16mm thick, though it is OK on the weight front at 119g.

Now, I'm a smartphone user, but I've never been that big a fan of UIQ, at least as it is implemented by Sony Ericsson. I know the operating system is powerful and I know it is capable of a lot. I know there is oodles of supplied software, and I know that it has plenty of fans. But quite simply, I just don't find the user interface intuitive, nor the insistence on using sometimes teeny touch buttons very user friendly.

This goes right back to first principles. I'm a great believer in mobile phones that are easy to use, and that goes for phones aimed at every level of the market from those that just want to make a voice call and send the odd SMS to those that want mobile email, music, the Internet, video calling, handwriting recognition and the whole shebang.

Long-time readers will recall that this time last year I looked at Sony Ericsson's W950i, this phone's predecessor. It got a six out of ten overall score and the reason for that was the user interface. What has the W960i done to move things along?

A little bit, but not enough.

Sad to report there are still teeny tiny touch icons which require some precise fingertip control to hit accurately. Sure, you could pull out the stylus from its housing on the phone, but that's an extra process and one many users will get fed up with quickly.

Sometimes finding what you want is also a challenge. You want to get to the video player? Work out that the touch button with four dots on it takes you to the main menu and cruise around the icons. Find the one marked ‘Multimedia' and select it. Camera, RSS feeds, PlayNow, Picture Gallery, More applications. More applications takes you to the Web for downloading. No video playback, though. OK, let's try the Entertainment group instead. Aha! FM radio, Online media, MusicDJ, Sound recorder, two games, and Video.



Walkman Series W350i Blue Rp.950rb

Ipod Killer Series nih,diciptakan u menyaingi Ipod,fungsi Walkman nya bener2 Top - ukuran mungil tipis dan mudah banget penggunaan musiknya,

kondisi supermint 98,9% seperti baru barang original Sony Ericsson lum pernah servis -

handsfree n
sarung Nokia ori

Review TrustedReview:

The W350 is a Walkman handset, and so is designed for music playing. It sits at the lower end of the Walkman range, though, so you shouldn't expect huge things of it. It is a tri-band GSM phone with EDGE and if you want 3G you need to look elsewhere.

Sony Ericsson has gone for another striking hardware design with this mobile phone. It is a sort of hybrid between a candybar and a clamshell phone. It looks at first glance like a candybar. The front fascia is half occupied by the screen, half by a pad containing five buttons.

The screen is small - it measures a mere 1.8in diagonally, and on paper it seems it is a bit short on pixels at 176 x 220. While the screen is a little blocky to look at, Sony Ericsson pulls of its usual trick of producing a clear and bright display. So while more pixels would have been nice, this screen is still good enough to live with.

The front buttons are designed in a very flowing, curvy arrangement. Three of them are marked up for music control (play/pause, back and forwards). The other two are unmarked but are vertical scrollers and they sit within a circle that also incorporates the pause/play button and provides a highlight of colour against the phone's mostly black fascia.

On my review handset this circle was bronze in colour, but other options are available too. Vodafone, for example, has a purple version at its website.

Now, this bottom part of the front fascia can be flipped downwards to reveal the phone's number pad, D-pad, softkeys, back and cancel keys. The flip is very flimsy, bending and bowing when opened at the least application of pressure to it. If this phone is dropped at the wrong angle with the flip open disaster could follow.

All the keys but the D-pad are shiny black and reasonably sized. They are bevelled to help with accuracy. The D-pad is silver and about as large as the space will allow it to be. There is no blank space here - every millimetre is used by a key of some sort.



Walkman Series W660i Black Rp.850rb

salah satu hape musik terbaik dijamannya,review Techradar: Before the Apple iPhone arrived, Sony Ericsson had laid claim to be the most powerful mobile music brand in town with its smart use of the Walkman marque. Hugely successful, Sony Ericsson's Walkman portfolio has expanded to suit almost every taste and price point, and the W660i is another 3G model that fits neatly into Sony Ericsson's mid-range music phone line-up.

Review WIKI:

The W660i is clearly more evolution than revolution. Its candybar design has unmistakable Walkman phone DNA, so it's all quite familiar. Despite nods at the fashionable phone buyer, with gold trim on both the 'record black' and 'rose red' versions of the W660i, there's a strong sense of déjà vu about this Walkman phone.kelengkapan: hape cas bat handsfree dan speaker portabel


Walkman Series W705 Rp.950rb

Kondisi: barang sisa display Soner,mulusnya 97% full ori belum pernah diservis,

sarung nokia
Bonus speaker portable soner MPS41

Review Tekno.Kompas:

Sony Ericsson seri Walkman dikenal dengan keunikan tombol Walkman-nya. Pada W705, tombol itu akan kita temukan di atas bodi, belahan belakang, tepat di tengah. Tentu saja dengan logo W yang khas Walkman.

Memencet tombol ini akan langsung membuka aplikasi Walkman. Selanjutnya kita tinggal pakai navigasi untuk mengendalikan player. Navigasi atas-bawah membawa kita masuk ke playlist. Sementara navigasi kiri, tengah dan kanan berfungsi sebagaimana icon yang tertera padanya.

Di jajaran Options ada Play mode (Shuffle, Loop), Equaliser, Visualisations (Album art, Visualisations, Off), Stereo widening, dan Auto rotate.

Yang penting dicatat adalah Equaliser masih bisa disetel ulang. Di sini disediakan opsi Treble, Heavy, Pop, Jazz, Normal, Unique, Soul, Easy, dan Bass. Mengaktifkan Auto rotate membuat fungsi sensor bekerja. Bila bodi ponsel diposisikan horizontal, tampilan layar ikut berubah horizontal.

Sony Ericsson menempatkan speaker ekstra di belakang bodi. Perhatikan aksen memanjang di sebelah bawah pada posisi vertikal; itulah speakernya. Tombol pengatur volumenya ditaruh di kanan, sebelah atas.

Bila lebih suka pakai headset, tinggal tancapkan kabelnya ke port yang ada di kiri bodi sebelah atas. Letak port ini cukup nyaman, tak mengganggu genggaman. Suara mantap terasa saat musik didengarkan lewat headphone bawaannya. Adapun lewat speaker, suaranya kurang keras meski memang terdengar jernih.

Selain Walkman, musik dan lagu juga bisa kita nikmati dari radio. Seperti biasa, radio di W705 baru berfungsi bila headset terpasang. Ada 20 slot di Channels untuk menyimpan saluran favorit, pun ada pengaturan Auto save, Turn on speaker, Set frequency dan Turn on Mono/Stereo.

Sony Ericsson juga melengkapi Radio dengan TrackID dan RDS. Navigasi atas-bawah dipakai untuk pindah saluran sesuai daftar, sedangkan navigasi kiri-kanan untuk pindah saluran dengan frekuensi 0.1. Memencet navigasi tengah akan melakukan search.

Kapasitas dan Konektivitas
Slot M2 tersembunyi di balik casing; letaknya di kiri bodi sebelah bawah mudah dikenali dari teks M2 yang terpatri di casing. Lumayan mudah untuk gonta-ganti M2 karena casing mudah dilepas, bahkan pada saat ponsel menyala.

Namun Sinyal tidak merekomendasikan untuk sering-sering buka casing saat ponsel masih menyala karena beresiko batere copot atau mengganggu komponen ponsel lainnya. Port yang ada di kiri bodi (ujung atas) dipakai pula untuk transfer data, selain untuk isi ulang batere dan colokan headset.

Kamera utama ada di belakang bodi, tepatnya di kiri atas. Ada teks 3.2MP menandai resolusi kamera tersebut. Kamera ditemani lampu kilat, persis bersebelahan. Tombol kameranya ada di kanan bodi, sebelah bawah. Memencet ini akan membuka Camera. Perpindahan antara moda foto, video dan album bisa dilakukan dengan menggeser navigasi sesuai icon yang dituju.

Setting yang ada standar, tanpa otofokus. Karena itu kualitas fotonya biasa saja. Pada moda foto, kami melihat Shoot mode (Normal, Panorama, Frames, Burst), Picture size (3MP, 2MP, 1MP, VGA), Night mode, Light, Self-timer, White balance, Effects (Off, Black & white, Negative, Sepia). Ada pula Picture quality (Fine, Normal), Review, Add position, Save to, Auto rotate, dan Shutter sound.

Pada moda video, ada Video length (Normal, For picture msg), Light, Night mode, Self-timer, Microphone, White balance dan Effects. Ada juga Review dan Save to.

Meski ponsel punya fasilitas internet kecepatan tinggi, tak ada fitur langsung untuk blogging. Setelah jepret foto, hanya terlihat Pan & zoom, Photo fix, dan Edit in PhotoDJ. Sedangkan sesudah rekam video, hanya ada opsi Play dan VideoDJ. Jika ingin mengirim ke website, harus buka dulu file itu di album, baru pilih Send > To Web site.

Sony Ericsson melengkapi W705 dengan PictBridge. Jadi bisa langsung dikoneksikan ke printer via kabel data, lalu langsung cetak foto yang kita sukai.

Kamera sekunder ada di kanan atas layar; ini utamanya dipakai untuk video call. Menunya ada di Organiser > Video call. Kamera sekunder maupun belakang bisa dipakai untuk video call, tapi hanya kamera utama yang bisa dipakai untuk Take picture.

GPS dan Wi-Fi
W705 punya GPS; kita bisa temukan di Entertainment > Location services. Sony Ericsson memasukkan Google Maps sebagai petanya. Fitur yang disiapkan lumayan banyak; di antaranya ada My Location, Directions, Map View, Show Traffic dan Favourites. Akurasinya cukup bagus. Tapi kita harus pastikan ponsel berada di tempat terbuka saat sinkronisasi dengan satelit.

Yang menyenangkan, Sony Ericsson memasukkan pula fasilitas WiFi. Jadi ada alternatif bila sedang berada di luar jaringan 3G.

Sony Ericsson kembali memakai model sliding untuk W705. Kabarnya, pilihan Warna yang disiapkan adalah perak (Silver Luxury) dan merah (Passionate Red).


Business Series G900 Rp.800rb

seri Tertinggi dijamannya,hape candybar dgn layar sentuh,full Multimedia dan Office,silahkan baca reviewnya hape ini,takjub dgn kelebihannya,pdhal hape jadul taon 2008 : Kebutuhan ponsel berfitur komplet di kalangan pebisnis terpenuhi di seri G900. Fasilitas layanan BlackBerry juga melengkapi ponsel layar sentuh ini.

Ada yang menarik dari langkah Sony Ericsson mengeluarkan seri ponsel G. Dari sisi fitur, seri ini tak kalah dari seri P yang lebih dulu hadir. Sistem operasi Symbian UIQ, solusi BlackBerry, business card scanner, hingga WLAN dipindahkan dari seri P ke seri G. Sementara desain fisiknya dibuat lebih mirip seri W, dengan bentuk candybar manis.

Itulah gambaran ketika mengeksplorasi fitur Sony Ericsson G900. Selain punya fitur sekelas seri P, ponsel ini juga sudah dilengkapi dengan kamera 5Mpix yang saat ini mulai populer di Tanah Air. Bagi pengguna yang bereksplorasi dengan G900, ada dua pilihan akses ymenggunakan layar sentuh atau memakai keypad plus tombol navigasi. Sebuah pilihan yang leluasa dan memudahkan pengguna seri ini. Sedangkan untuk fitur-fitur lainnya berikut penilaian dari tim SELULAR :

G900 menggunakan layar 262 ribu warna TFT dengan resolusi 240 x 320 pixels. Ukuran fisik layar 36 x 48 mm memang tidak terlalu luas ketika kita menggunakan akses via stylus. Tapi tak perlu khawatir, dengan bekal layar seperti itu, berbagai aplikasi multimedia seperti foto dan video bisa tampil maksimal di layar.
Pengujian : Menggunakan fitur-fitur G900 di dalam dan di luar ruangan
Catatan : Orientasi layar bisa disesuaikan dalam posisi vertikal ataupun horisontal

Sebagai ponsel dengan fitur komplet, port menjadi salah satu kunci mudah tidaknya ponsel itu digunakan. Sony Ericsson meletakkan port universal khas Sony Ericsson di sisi kanan ponsel yang bisa digunakan untuk mengisi ulang baterai dan mengakses menu audio seperti musik ataupun radio FM. Bagi yang ingin menikmati musik dengan headset 3.5 mm, tersedia kabel sambungan yang terhubung ke port

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