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BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
BNOB LG BL20 Chocolate - Optimus G E975 - P990 - P970 - P725 - Prada 3.0 - K800
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Yg Lain Sold out,sisa:

LG Optimus G E975 Rp.2,3jt Sisa White n Blue 2pcs

Barang bner2 baru,buka segel u cek normal aja trus diiklankan

Salah satu Produk LG yg legendaris dan paling laris,cb cek specnya d google sgt powerful bahkan u ukuran sekarang masih mumpuni:

OS Android OS, v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), upgradble to v4.4.2 (KitKat)
Chipset Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro
CPU Quad-core 1.5 GHz Krait
GPU Adreno 320
Card slot No
Internal 32 GB (25 GB user available), 2 GB RAM
Primary 13 MP/8 MP (market dependent), autofocus, LED flash, check quality
Features Geo-tagging, face detection, HDR


"LG Optimus 2X P990" Black Rp.1,8jt

Brand New Open Box the World First DualCore n With NVidia Tegra 2 Smartphone Barang Mahal dijamannya,teratas dikelasnya (taon 2011) kondisi Barang baru Buka dus u cek normal saja,komplitplit

Review Wiki: The LG Optimus 2X is a smartphone designed and manufactured by LG Electronics. The Optimus 2X is the world's first smartphone with a dual-core processor and third phone in the LG Optimus-Android series. LG debuted the Optimus 2X on December 16, 2010 and the device first became available to consumers in South Korea in January 2011.[2] It was also launched in Singapore on March 3, 2011. The Optimus 2X runs the Android 2.3 software version since the upgrade in November 2011,[3] but the latest offering is Android 4.0.[4]The phone holds the record for the longest update holdout, taking 16 months to receive a firmware update from Android 2.2 to 2.3.


Brand New Open Box LG Optimus 3D Max P725 SOLD

SUPER RARE Android With 3D Graphic - kluar taon 2012 akhir/2013 buka segel u cek normal saja,Gadget ini terbaik dimasanya soal Graphic, keluar pertama kali dgn harga 6-7jt an berikut Review web: Introduced in February at Mobile World Congress and launched about a month ago in Europe, the Optimus 3D Max is going for about $635 unlocked.

The LG Optimus 3D Max measures 4.99 inches tall and 2.65 inches wide. At 0.38 inch thick, it's thinner than the original Optimus 3D, but at 5.22 ounces, it's still heavy. I have a small grip, so the device felt too wide to handle. I dropped the handset a couple of times trying to use it with one hand, and its slick backing didn't help out either. Although I can put it in my jeans pocket, the fit is snug and a good half-inch is still exposed.


BNOB Luxurious From LG Optimus P970 white Rp.1,8jt

bongkar segel u cek normal aja,salah satu LG legendaris Optimus Series berikut

review Wiki : The LG P970 Optimus Black is a smartphone designed and manufactured by LG Electronics and was released in 2011. At 9.2 mm in thickness, it was LG's thinnest smartphone at the time of its release, and is slightly thinner than the iPhone 4. The LG Optimus Black features a WVGA NOVA display which is brighter than competitor displays with brightness officially claimed to be over 700 nits. However, the actual brightness of the screen is measured to be about 749 nits.[4] Furthermore, the NOVA display consumes less energy compared to competitor displays.[5] LG Optimus Black is claimed to be the first smartphone with 2MP front camera


satu2nya yg seken LG K800 Black From OPTUS Operator (Aussie) Rp.750rb Versi Eropanya KG800

Mulus original 97% Smua fungsi normal,Touch Button masih peka smua lum pernah servis,kelengkapan: hape,cas Non ori,bat ori dan sarung Nokia

Review Trusted Reviews

Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it, that a handset should be given the name ‘chocolate’. The name is meant to enhance the idea that this mobile phone is more than ‘just’ the fashion statement status to which many handsets aspire. It is being positioned as a phone with strong visual and emotional appeal to those who own it.

The tri-band Chocolate KG800 is the first in LG’s Black Label series of design lead handsets, and others are promised. In fact, we’ve already seen a white version of the Chocolate.
Visually the Chocolate KG800 is certainly different. It is not, as you might expect, brown, but a rather shiny black. Visually it looks much more like a portable music player than a handset, albeit about a third bigger than an iPod nano or Sandisk Sansa player at 95mm tall, 48mm wide and 15.2mm thick. As you’d expect from such tiny dimensions, this handset is light at just 83g.

The iPod-a-like visual appearance is in part down to the fact that the front of the Chocolate KG800 is occupied by the LG logo, a screen that is recessed into the fascia and a silver rectangle which looks like a navigation button. There are no keys in sight and the general appearance is flat, black and sleek.

The comparison is also helped by the fact that the Chocolate KG800 is supplied with a soft drawstring pouch.This all makes for very neat lines, but it is only half the story. The Chocolate KG800 is a slider with an extremely smooth spring loaded mechanism. When you push upper and lower halves apart a large number pad appears. But it is only a numberpad. There are no soft menu keys, no call and end keys, no other control keys.

These are all on the front of the casing, which, remember, I said was flat, black and sleek. On the left edge are volume control buttons. When you press the volume up button twice the 262 thousand colour, 2in screen switches on and red symbols appear on the front fascia. They also appear when you open the slider and are heat sensitive touch controls. The heat sensitive part is important as it means the controls can’t accidentally be operated when the handset is in a bag – they need the warmth of your finger

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