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HKS Grounding Wire 5 Kabel / Kabel Grounding HKS - Merah/ Biru
HKS Grounding Wire 5 Kabel / Kabel Grounding HKS - Merah/ Biru
HKS Grounding Wire 5 Kabel / Kabel Grounding HKS - Merah/ Biru
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Posted on : 21-03-2017 15:43
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Berat : 500 gram
Last Sundul : 21 March 2017, 03:43:41 PM
Penjelasan Produk

Terdiri dari 5 buah kabel; (30 ,40 ,50, 80 ,90CM long) diameter 0.5CM crude

Applicable models: Suitable for all models
Attached Note:

(1) Start the engine performance, start cool! - To start the motor in the periphery.
(2) spark plug flash enhanced power upgrade! - Connected to the cylinder head circumference.
(3) power generation, charging efficiency and extend battery life! - Pick near the generator.
(4) engine combustion efficiency, fuel economy! - Connected to the injector nearby.
(5) headlight brightness enhancement, driving safer. - Connected to the tank near the frame or fender.
(6) car stereo electrical equipment performance, strength! - Connected to the firewall perimeter screws.
Product Principle: Negative current car is usually by the electrical equipment to the battery negative reflux via the body. As we all know, because the body is a steel manufacturing, so the original design of the current loop (factory original design) generates electrical impedance. Current and cause poor return loss. Disturbance on a lot of electrical equipment, electrical equipment and so by the body directly connected to high-quality reinforce the ground to the negative power supply, can greatly enhance the reflux current speed, efficiency and quality of performance and electrical systems, automotive electrical systems Large there are benefits, is the preferred automotive electronics modified Capacity

Tersedia dalam 2 warna :
- Merah
- Biru
Harap menuliskan keterangan catatan pembelian warna jika tidak, akan diberikan warna secara random.

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