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Jual Water Drain Valve Tangki Timbun. Merk Shand & Jurs USA.
Jual Water Drain Valve Tangki Timbun. Merk Shand & Jurs USA.
DKI Jakarta
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Posted on : 18-01-2019 08:34
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Last Sundul : 08 November 2021, 10:30:46 AM
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Description :

Size 2inch and 3inch.

Connection :
NPT Thread and Flange

Water Drain Valve is designed to provide high flow capacity, leakproof shutoff and non-freezing operation.

“Non-Freezing” valves utilize a double valve construction, which operates onthe same stem permitting the inner valve to seat first.

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This action allows the valve chamber to drain sufficiently before the outer valve is closed. An exceptional tight seal is maintained, due to the resilient glass-filled Teflon seat disc on both the inner and outer valve.

Many unique design features have been incorporated, such as servicing the outer valve without removing valve body from tank. Flushing action is obtained by simply pushing on the handwheel with the outer valve open. This momentarily opens the inner valve and flushes any foreign particles off the inner valve seat. There are also provisions for padlocking the valve into a non-operative position

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