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Terminal Satellite BGAN Explorer 510 Internet BroadBand
DKI Jakarta
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Posted on : 02-07-2021 06:56
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Explorer 510 Overview
The EXPLORER 510 satellite terminal is a global WiFi hotspot with Internet speeds of up to 464 Kbps to any in-range wireless device such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. What makes the 510 different from other BGAN terminals is it includes smartphone integration. The "Explorer Connect App" gives total control over the 510, such as displaying signal strength, overall usage (in Megabytes), and allowing you to send or receive texts (including using your iPhone iMessage or other texting program).

The Explorer Connect App also turns your smartphone into a satellite phone to place or receive phone calls from anyone in the world. The 510 is the most portable BGAN on the market and surprisingly one of the least expensive. It is ideal for all applications in remote or urban locations that require Internet and phone anywhere.

Global WiFi Hotspot
As a standard WiFi hotspot one may use the 510 as you would any Internet connection with your laptop or smart device. It is able to connect with up to 11 devices simultaneously without any configuration changes. It has an amazing wireless range of 100 meters (300 feet!), so the terminal can be outside, while someone can be connected wirelessly inside. And with global coverage, no matter where you travel, you will be able to get online.


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